Ruth Hutchinson and Nigella Lawson

When the Death Queen meets Cooking Royalty Nigella

Not a lot of the big names come to Canberra – so when it was announced that famous celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was coming to the nation’s capital – I had to go!

  1. Because, as I said, not many big names come to my city.
  2. Well, because who doesn’t love Nigella and her “pasta-in-bed” cooking!

Our seats where way up the back and when Nigella came out to take her seat on the stage she looked like a beautiful red blur – but her voice was the same – deep, rich and sexy – just like her chocolate brownies! 

I enjoyed hearing her stories of filming her show in her kitchen at home – of believing that the sound of the food cooking makes up somewhat for the lack of aroma through the TV. 

I had never thought of cooking like listening to music, but to Nigella it is the whole experience; the sound, the smell, the texture, the flavour and it is something to be done thoughtfully and with great enjoyment.

There are no rules to cooking – you do what you like and share the ideas.  Cooking at home gives you endless opportunity to try new things, blend new spices and add extra salt or sugar.  

I loved cooking with my Mum when I was child and my own family. It’s a way to create memories together and something you can celebrate later.

After she shared her experiences, it was time to open questions up to audience – and one of them took me completely by surprise.

Because it had nothing to do with food, and everything to do with what I do as the Death Queen.

One of audience members asked her: “If you weren’t ‘Nigella’ what would you be doing?”.

The answer was a complete surprise to everyone – and a huge one for me – because the answer was a Death Doula?  

If you haven’t heard this term before, let me explain what a Death Doula is.

It is someone who supports the person and family facing death and helps them have the final farewell they desire.  This is my area of passion and love – my business was created to help people create positive and sustainable memories of loved ones, like I did at my mum’s funeral.

After purchasing her cookbook I waited in line to have it signed. I was  filled with excitement to meet Nigella now knowing what I do was her passion also.

Bravely, I gave to her my brochure and business card with a quick explanation about how I support people in their time of need. 

Her response: “Yes, please, I would like to have a look.”

So not only are we “royalty” together but we are also twins – well, twins of the heart – sharing a passion that people celebrate life and death.

And that is good enough for me and my brush with Nigella fame.

If you would like to know more about the services I offer and how I can help support you and your family, please get in touch

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