Silence after Death

Silence After Death

Silence and the power of it, gives us time, space and reflection in this very busy and very noisy world we live in.

We need to take time out to stop and just pause, to reflect and think and to take the opportunity to spend time deep in your thoughts.  It can give you a much clearer perspective on where you’re going in life and the things you want to achieve.  It helps you reflect on your family and friends and what you want for them.  It allows you to ponder on what difference you hope to make in the world.

Silence is actually very calming.  There are times when silence in our culture can actually be very deafening. When we’re sitting at a funeral service we are contemplating quietly the life of the person who has passed away. During this moment of pause, our thoughts can be overwhelming.  When we think about the life they had, why did they have to die, what is life about, and what happens after death.

All these questions can be overwhelming and often when we participate or attend a funeral, we need to think of it as a celebration of the life of that person.  Whatever time frame that they had, whether it was short or long we need to know that they were here for a reason and purpose.  With them came wonderful Joy, an individual who saw life through their own eyes with a completely different perspective from us.  We need to acknowledge that that person was loved and valued by the people around them, and now as they leave this earth and leave their mortality behind, it is an opportunity for us to celebrate the wonderful memories that we have.

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