Legacy & life story

The Dash – Your Legacy

What does the dash mean to you?

It’s something that all of us will have in our future to represent our legacy.

Out of all the words on our headstone, plaque or funeral/memorial program, it is the smallest thing yet represents the largest part which is our lives.

My mother’s dash is 1929– 2015 a small punctuation symbol to represent 86 years of life on this planet. Jill was a daughter, sister, aunty, wife, Mother, and grandmother. It means love, family, friends, and breath of life.

What can you do now to make your dash noteworthy?  Are you leaving a legacy behind? Is there a career, family, love, book, business or charity that will be attributed to you? Is it important to you that your legacy lives on?

Do you want to stretch yourself to reach new heights? Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Do you want your memory to live on or become a vapor?

Think about what your dash is going to mean for you?

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