Thoughts, desires, ideas that are toxic for one can be the lifeblood of another. The fact that one person can love peanuts and yet to another it could mean death if they ate them, clearly demonstrates how diverse we are in culture, health, and beliefs.  We are all different and the great variation of people types in our world makes up the cultural mix of our society.

Our end of life desires can be broad and far-reaching depending on our backgrounds.  Some cultures believe that life after death is vitally important and all must be done during the final service to ensure that that person will achieve their destiny.  They do this by lighting candles, performing rituals, dressing in certain colours, some societies believe that instead of wearing the western black clothing to a funeral that they would wear white as a sign of mourning.

A final farewell is not a one size fits all – there needs to be something of the individual in the service, an opportunity to celebrate their life and remember the good times. 

Forever Impressions is able to help you build memories and ensure that memories remain strong for family and friends.  Good positive memories help in healing the grieving process.

If you are planning your end of life farewell – let’s find what your “peanuts” are and ensure they are included as a reminder of you!  Download our free e-book to help you plan your farewell.

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