Funeral etiquette has changed over the years – here are 7 tips to help keep you up to date:

Should I go to the funeral?

It is very comforting for the family to have the funeral full of people who have come to pay their last respects to the deceased.  If you are able to attend, then you should make every effort to do so.

Is Wearing Black Mandatory?

As a multicultural society the colours of mourning are different for a variety of cultures.  You do not have to wear black, but don’t show up in the most colourful outfit in your wardrobe, just dress neatly and a little ‘conservatively’.

Do I have to be 15 mins early?

You should arrive, have signed the memorial book and be seated before the family arrives.  It is not a strict 15 min time span, but allow enough time to be settled and remember to leave the front rows for the family.

What should I say to the family?

It is best to wait till after the funeral to speak with the family – not on their arrival at the funeral.   You should express your condolences and if time allows ask them about their loved one from something you heard during the service.  It’s fine to laugh, smile and hug and most people appreciate this.

Should I post on social media?

All social media posts regarding the deceased death and funeral should be left to the family to post.

Can I take pictures?

You should never take pictures during the service or pictures of the coffin.  Some tasteful shots of people together after the service may be appreciated by the family as the whole funeral can be a bit of a blank in a few days time.

Can I take my children to the funeral?

Generally, children under 7 should not attend, but depending on the relationship with the deceased and the child’s ability to cope with the situation they may be fine in attending.

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