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Coffee Drinkers Kit
Step One

Who they were?

We understand how important it is for family and friends to remember their loved on their passing. It is part of the grieving process. To choose the perfect pack to distribute at the service remember who they were and what they enjoyed doing. What was their personality? Did they like to cook or potter in the garden? Did they solve all the worlds problems with a ‘cup of tea’? These items should trigger a fond memory of the person who has passed. Remember them in a positive way can help heal those wonds of sorrow and trigger happiness and hope to move forward. 

What could represent them?

Listed below are our current gift sets. You select the set that is the best reflection for your loved on. For example, was your loved one a great home cook or BBQ king or queen? Did they bake the best cakes and desserts? If this sounds like them then choose the Cooks Bundle gift set. It works well if the gifts are handed out towards the end of the srevice, and a linkage to the items to the person is made.

Cooks Bundle Kit
step 2
Gardeners Delight Kit
step 3

Remembering your loved one

When people leave the service they take with them something tangible to remember your loved one, and I have also found that it helps end the service in a more positive and celebratory manner. Every order comes with clear tips and instructions to help make the connection and build remembrance.

Currently there are 4 gift sets to choose from.

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